Best Contemporary Gifting Ideas in any Occasion

Author: Dev BT


When it comes to Gifting in any occasion, sometime it is very difficult to decide what to gift what not to; and one of the key deciding FACTOR in most cases depends on COST factor.

However, most people’s gift buying decision depends mostly on OCCASION, there are some Contemporary Products Ideas which can be gifted at any occasion and the receiver will appreciate and remember you for long time till that product is part of their life.

Our Suggestion is…If you are planning to Gift something, think Carefully and Gift something which leaves a long lasting impression IN THE MIND OF RECEIVER!!!

In Indian culture offering Sweets, Dry fruits, Namkeen are very common, if you want the person to remember you for long long time, present those Gifts which they remember you whenever they come across that Gifts and the Gift should be liked by not just by one Individual but by other family members and home visitors, everyone should be Impressed by looking @IT. Is it Possible? YES, it is!! The Best Gift to present is TANGIBLE Gifts which can sustain for long time, visible to every home visitor or visible to his friend or business circle also. Sweets, Dry fruits, Chocolates can finish in a week or month and than all is forgotten, but TANGIBLE gifts remain in their mind for long time and in some cases if is remembered by their family and friends as well.

Just sharing this little personal experience, in 2015, I got a call from an Old client, and he mentioned that, he recalled my name by chance looking at the wall Painting which I had gifted him during Diwali 2008, he wanted some Retail Consultancy advice for a new venture and to my surprise I was really pleased that an old client is still calling me after 7 odd years, due to what I had Gifted him!! And Guess how much that Painting was worth? Just Rs.2250 only and it was a Beautiful looking Running Horse painting in Golden color, which he had fixed on his drawing room wall, and still adorn that wall (as I had visited his home in 2016 end).

Few of the best GIFTING ideas I would like to share with my readers, which I  had personally applied in my Personal and Professional life to create long lasting impression & build relationship, and people still remember me after many years for what I had gifted them in few cases.

My Philosophy is very simple, I am allergic to Fat food, Sweets and those products which gets ROTTEN in few days, rather fond of those Gifts which can last atleast couple of years!! It won’t cost BIG, in most cases, even less than a Well known Branded Dry Fruit box, what you need is just a little bit of Creativity, little bit of Research and little bit of Common Sense.

Normally what happens in every household, what you Gifted, ends-up passing-on to another one coz it was not so IMPRESSIVE OR ATTRACTIVE, however, the cost was almost the same. So always Gift something the Receiver find it hard to PASS-ON TO ANOTHER PERSON.


In Another Example, if you want to be Remembered by someone every Morning, Try this Gifting Ideas 15 BEST RAINFALL SHOWERHEAD & HOW TO CHOOSE THEM!!

In today’s Modern society, everyone have Normal Shower Head installed in their bathroom, but NOT RAINFALL SHOWER HEAD, and to my surprise, most people are not familiar with it, typically what their Plumber or Sanitaryware Retailer had recommended, they will go with it. What you will find in most Builders apartments are very Common shower head. To understand it better type and function read our Review Article 6 MOST POPULAR SHOWER HEAD TYPES YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT, You will have fair idea about the type and function of a shower head and which type suites you the best.

The RAINFALL SHOWER HEAD does’t cost much, the price starts from Rs.1150 and goes upto Rs.1,50,000+, so you can choose as per your preference. This Shower head is most ideal for a Young Couple, Newly married people or who is Romantic by Heart or who loves to get-wet together under NATURAL RAIN OR WANT TO GET SAME EXPERIENCE UNDER RAINFALL SHOWER HEAD.

To help you out we’ve compiled a list of tools, books, art, and more that you can present as a Gift at any Occasion to anyone suitable to your Occasion, Preference & Budget.

(Please note – in few categories, prices may differ since the MRP keep fluctuating every day).

running horse paintings
running horses
running horses
running horses

Sparkling Seven Horses Wall Painting

  • The Painting gives a beautiful sparkling effect that glows at very apt spots giving a very rich look to the painting. For the better effect at night, install FOCUS lights at each corner of the painting, it will give a WOW impact and your Drawing room will look much better at night than during daylight.
  • Split painting in four parts. Comes in a sturdy pack for safe delivery.
  • Full HD Digital Printing and give very Sharp and Vivid appearance.
  • Ready to Hang.Total size is: 150cm X 61cm (approx) including gaps and each frame is of size: 23cm X 61cm (approx).
  • The ideal place to HANG this painting is; Drawing Room or Living Room or any place which has Big open wall and visible to everyone.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Enhance the beauty of your room walls with this breathtaking digital printed artwork.
  • PRINT MATERIAL: Premium artistic pure-white enhanced matte canvas.
  • FRAMING: Canvas art print pasted on a 6mm (0.24 inch) THICK HARD MDF BOARD with a back side wall hook to mount on Wall.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Premium quality art materials printed with eco-friendly UV resistant inks for bright and rich colours which are easy to clean. The texture and weight of the canvas brings fine art reproductions one step closer to the originals, while the matte finish gives them a softness that grabs attention.
  • DIGITAL PRINT Wall Posters Art Panel look like Hand Paintings.
  • Ideal Place to Hang: Home Interior Wall Décor for Bedroom, Living Room, Drawing, Dining Room, Office, Reception, Outdoor, Gallery.
  • SIZE: 20.6 inch x 14.0 inch (52.3 cms x 35.6 cms)

Designer & Trendy Black hanging ligths

designer lights
designer lights
designer lights
designer lights
  • This Modern, Attractive DESIGNER HANGING light gives very Modern Touch to any home decor.
  • This can be used in multiple units or use just one in the Middle of any Room, hanging from the roof, this LIGHT make any home look VERY STYLISH. It is meant for people who have Class & Style in their Personality.
  • It has E27 holder and 7W led bulb is recommended to use.
  • Ideal Place to Install – Indoor lighting, Drawing Room, Kitchen, Dining Room over the table, living room or in the middle of any Hall.


  • Black gives Classic Look.
  • It Oozes it’s Own Class.
  • And its Look is EXTRAORDINARY.


Designer Black Pendant Hanging Light - MRP RS.999 (57% OFF)

designer lights

DESIGNER Antique Vintage style Hanging Light - MRP RS.2350/-


DESIGNER Black Pendant, Antique Vintage, CONE style Hanging Light - MRP RS.2350



Dome shaped Glass Table Lamp

designer lamp
designer lights
  • THE DESIGN – A TRULY MOROCCAN Style Lamp, beautifully colored glass mosaic shade and strong base.
  • ROYAL AMBIENCE – The Mosaic style table lamp casts a cool colored glow in your room and at night creates a very Romantic & Lively Ambience.
  • This attractive MOROCCON DESIGN LAMP casts a cool glow in your room. The unique lamp features a beautifully colored glass mosaic shade and base.
  • This design is very Popular in Moroccan Architecture. 
  • The Lamp comes in Various color, choose the Color of your Preference while ordering.

Sheaffer Gift Pen & Clock Combo (Black)

sheaffer pen
sheaffer pen
sheaffer pen
  • With its classic flat top appearance and tapered end towards the cone, it is a favorite in the corporate world.
  • Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. is recognized and trusted worldwide for its distinctive style and superior quality product. The brands writing instruments have long been symbols of innovation, modernization and tools that inspire creativity.
  • Quality craftsmanship, product guarantees, and trusted service ensure that the respect and recognition you are giving will continue to be conveyed for many years to come.
  • Beautiful, high-quality emblematic decoration, personalization, and attractive gift packaging enhance the presentation and make any product from Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. a gift you’ll be proud to give and one that your recipient will be thrilled to receive.
  • The price range starts from Lowest to Premium, choose as per the occasion and your budget.


Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Platinum Line Classique Ballpoint Pen - Black - MRP-35,393.00 (10% OFF) @TIME of Publishing

mont blanc pen

Cross Edge Rolling Ball Pen, Red with Polished Chrome MRP.1,873.00 - 41% OFF @TIME of Publishing

cross pens

Editor's Favorite Gifting Idea

Swarovski Crystalline Stardust Pen, Set of 3 - MRP Rs.12,386 @Time of Publishing.


Branded Pens as a Gift is mostly used in Professional and Corporate Circle. It is one of the most Effective and Traditional gifting ideas practiced by Professionals worldwide. 

Mont blanc – There’s no doubt, it is everyone’s favorite and everyone Dream of owning a piece of Mont Blanc (most people with brand consciousness), a globally renowned name, falls under Luxury/Premium category, owning Mont Blanc is a sign of Status Symbol. However, the key-deterrent is Price and it’s maintenance cost.

SWAROVSKI – A well known and highly popular brand known for it’s Beautiful, Glittering & Shining Look & Attractive Designs, everyone love to own a piece of Swarovski and very popular and well known BRAND  worldwide. The pen category starts from Rs.1950 (or less in some cases during seasons sale period) and it is one Gifting Product which suites in any occasion. It’s been my Favorite since I bought 1st Swarovski product in 2002.

There are many Brands from Lower to Premium Category, the Gifted category mostly depends on the Stature or Position of the Receiver, Higher the  position Premium the category. However, it doesn’t need to be Premium every time, there are very good branded pens which creates very good impression with impeccable quality and last for many years, few of them are like CROSS and SHEAFFER

Few of the Top Well know Brands are;

  • Mont Blanc
  • Sheaffer
  • A.T.Cross
  • Papermate
  • Parker
  • Shanghai Hero
  • Aurora
  • Faber – Castell
  • etc.

Among all these, MONT BLANC is the most Premium and most Desired Pen brand by Corporate Professionals, if you can afford it, buy & offer as a gift, it will do wonder for your business relationship in the long run!!

This is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE GIFTING IDEA, since everyone carry a Pen, especially working Professionals regardless of Gender. The best thing is … EVERYTIME HE/SHE START-WRITING, THE PERSON CANNOT IGNORE THE GIFTER!!! THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE GIFTING IDEA AND I STILL PRACTICE IT in most Occasion. 

Assorted Chocolates Gift Pack

cadbury chocolate
chocolate box
diwali diya

CHOCOLATE – A mouth watering combination of your favorite chocolates and tea light that will bring happiness and light up your home. This is one of the most Common Diwali gifting idea, however, I don’t practice it at all due to Health & Hygienic Reason. Every product which contains milk has got limited shelf-life and most retailers carry-on selling these products with new expired-tag, YES…you heard it right!! Once the expiry period is over, they will fix-new expiry TAG. Do they bother about the Consumer’s health? Forget about it, most retailers are not bothered about it. And in many instances finding FUNGUS or DEAD FLY OR COCKROACH is a very common incident. 

And Remember, it’s not good for Children’s Teeth, it’s the biggest Culprit if consumed regularly since it contains CAFFEINE. 

But still it is one of the Most Common & Popular Gifting ideas.

Zippo Gold Dust Lighter

zippo lighter
zippo lighter

Don’t take me wrong, I am not promoting Smoking. Zippo is a Sign of Prestige & Status, a person who carries Zippo in his pocket feels special and it’s a Prestige Symbol for most of it’s Owner. 

And to remind you, Zippo is not meant only for Lighting a Cigarette!! It can be used at home for any purpose when ever there’s a need for Lighting something, for example sometime your Gas lighter doesn’t work and there’s no Match box as well, but you have Zippo in the drawer, and at this time you can use Zippo too. 

Gifting Zippo someone means creating a positive impression and keeping yourself in the Memory of that person for many years to come. 

Hand-Painted Warli Terracotta

Round Decorative Vase

Flower vase
flower vase
flower vase
flower vase
  • Art Type : Handmade With Warli Handpainting
  • Material : Terracotta
  • Color : White
  • Dimensions : (H * DIA) = (6 * 3.Inch
  • Package Content : 1 Vase

To Whomever you Gift this Flower Vase, he/she will remember you for long long time, it will much more impressive if you Gift a Bunch of Artificial flower along with this Vase, not just the person recieving it, even his/her family will start admiring you, coz this Gift pack will make their home look more beautiful and lively. 

Similar Products & Designs

Antique Brass Flower Jar Vase Mughal Design - MRP. 1799 from Amazon

flower vase
flower vase

Not all these Beautiful Flower vases are found Online, most of them you can buy Offline at Better Prices. For example, if you live in South Delhi or Can travel, there’s a place in South Delhi adjacent to Malvia Nagar Metro Station – on the way to Max Hospital and bang opposite Press Enclave colony. 

You will get lot of Excellent design options at Very Reasonable cost, if you buy more pieces they will give you good discount also. 

Have I tried and Gifted these Vases? YES, to most of my In-laws family and my own Family, almost more than 30 pairs, and for that, they still admire me even after so many years.

Richly Scented Jar Candles

scented candles
scented candles
scented candles
scented candles

One of the BEST WAY to create Positive Impression and Building Bond, SCENTED CANDLES, till it keep burning, they will keep remembering you. And sometime it lasts for years.

Brass Finish Double Sided

Victorian Vintage Wall Clock

victorian wall clock
vintage clock
vintage clock
vintage clock

One of the BEST GIFTING idea, this wall clock will last atleast for 5 years, and till than every member of the Gifted family will Remember you. This Antique looking wall clock looks very elegant at the wall and gives a Classic & Vintage look. 



This Category of Gifting is meant for High Flyers, who sits over the Top Corporate seats with annual earnings in $millions. These Luxury Accessories are not cheap either, nor everyone can afford it. 

However, it’s very popular Trends among the Financial sector especially Top Bankers and VC fund houses, they can afford and pamper their client with this kind of Expensive Luxury Gifting. 

You will not get these Luxury collections on Online Market platforms, to buy one need to look for local dealers, and there’s not many if you look around, only few in Metro cities, in Delhi one of the oldest and most popular Luxury watch co. is Kapoor Watch Co. 

Among the Top 15 Luxury Watch Brands are;

1. Audemars Piguet

Founded in 1875 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet, Audemars Piguet produces 36,000 of their prestigious timepieces a year. In fact, Tiffany & Co and Bulgari use this brand’s movements. This luxury watch brand is also noted for creating the first steel luxury sports watch. This was dubbed the Royal Oak in 1972. Later, in 1993, the brand created the first oversized watch named the Royal Oak Offshore.

2. Vacheron Constantin

One of the oldest manufacturers of luxury watches, Vacheron Constantin, was founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755, in Geneva Switzerland. This brand of fine watches is a member of the Richemont Group. Vacheron Constantin’s watches truly reflect their heritage. With precise detailing alongside traditional shapes and styling, these watches are unlike others. Napoleon Bonaparte is said to have worn their watches, along with other noted historical figures like Harry Truman and Pope Pius IX.

3. Patek Philippe

The Swiss brand, Patek Phillipe & Co was founded in 1851. The watches boast complicated mechanics and traditional styling and have been worn by royalty throughout history. Inspiringly classic and unique with their distinctive signature style, this brand keeps their marketing consistent with their promotional campaigns.

4. Blancpain

A subsidiary of the Swatch Group, watch brand Blancpain was much like the other brands founded in another era; 1735. Blancpain underwent big developments, with its growth thriving in the 19th century, updating and modernising production and innovation of their watches. Blancpain has a broad range of different watches available; including minimalistic designs as well as more elaborately styled pieces.

5. Chopard

Known for their Swiss watches, Chopard is not only known for their unique timepieces, but also for their jewellery. Founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, a Swiss watchmaker, Chopard is identifiable for its classic look and great detailing. With state-of-the-art technological influence and well-established craftsmanship, Chopard is coveted because of its sophisticated models. With a clear design aesthetic and innovative development, Chopard has grown into a worldwide luxury brand.

6. IWC Schaffhausen

Established in 1868, IWC Schaffhausen has specialised in premium Swiss watches. This watch manufacturer combines precision engineering with exclusive design, and its timepieces are identifiable by their classic shape and superior material. Interestingly, the brand has expressed a desire to create watches with superior standards while responding to the environmental challenges of today as well as supporting landmark projects around the world.

7. Rolex

One of, if not the most identifiable luxury watch brands, Rolex is internationally acclaimed and coveted by society. Prized for its timeless form and function, Rolex watches are prevalent in popular culture. Its British origins are still represented in this brand’s consistently classic designs. Rolex is internationally recognised and has being featured on Forbes’ list of world’s most powerful global brands. Rolex is also the largest single luxury watch brand, making 2,000 watches per day.

8. Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin has been in continuous production since its creation in 1846. Specialising in wristwatches, writing instruments and accessories, the materials used in this products are visually distinctive, much like the uniquely coloured leathers utilised in many of their goods. The craftsmanship of the Ulysse Nardin watches is also internationally renowned for their work with modernised materials and manufacturing.

9. Jaeger-LeCoultre

The luxury Swiss watch brand, Jaeger-LeCoultre features timepieces boasting faces with unique and complex detailing. Since 1833, this brand has sustained the initial envisions for the brand, which was innovation and unique clarity. The classic elements of these watches are particularly appealing because they can be worn again and again.  

10. Panerai

Founded in 1860 in Florence Italy, today Panerai’s headquarters are located in Milan Italy. With an international clientele, the Italian company is known for its bold styles and simplistic numeral and design elements. 

11. Cartier

Cartier is undeniably one of the most iconic watch and jewellery brands globally, especially due to its popularity in the mainstream press and celebrity culture. Founded in 1847 in Paris France, the brand’s renowned watches speak for themselves, flaunting a distinguished and classic distinction. Represented through its high-end materials and typical roman numerals, this luxury watch brand is a safe bet for many, and is worth the splurge.

12. Breitling

Founded in 1884, luxury watch brand Breitling is known for its watches’ excellent durability and precision. The watches are inspired by aviation, with many of the watches including features used by fighter pilots. The brand also designed watches specifically constructed for divers, lending to its versatility and innovation in watch production.

13. Bremont

Inspired by Aviation, the Bremont Watch Company is based in Britain but have expanded their brand and production across the world. Since 2002, founding brothers, Nick and Giles English have upheld the inspiration that made their watches famous, shown through their watches’ aircraft themed and mechanically focused models. With classic curves and proportionate faces, these watches are true representations of this British company’s image and branding.

14. TAG Heuer

This Swiss watch manufacturing company also produces eyewear, mobile phones and accessories.  The TAG Heuer name is an abbreviation of ‘Techniques d’Avant Garde’ and Heur refers to the founder, Edouard Heuer. While the watches have evolved over the decades, they still possess a persisting sports-like look. With a range of chronographs and memorable timepieces available, this brand boasts a technological appeal and premium functionality.

15. Girard Perregaux

Setting the benchmark for supreme craftsmanship and exquisite design, Girard Perregaux is a titan in the horology world. With over 200 years of experience, the label sure knows how to create a stunning and innovative luxury timepiece. It’s no surprise then that Girard Perregaux’s history contains countless achievements and patents.

Apart from the following there are lot of other brands which falls under Luxury Category.

Also Read: 



CUFF-LINKS for Class, Styles

AND Professional Look


Cufflinks look better then a normal buttoned cuff and are one of my favorite accessories.  It helps the wearer LOOK SHARP, STYLISH & PROFESSIONAL. Cufflinks can be sleek and simple or creative and whimsical, and often have a matching tie clip.  Cufflinks can be found everywhere from reputed branded stores to shopping mall or market.

However, the CUFFLINK color should always match with your dress to look Sharp and Stylish with Class.

Few of the top cufflink brands;

  1. Moblanc
  2. Onyx by Simon Carter
  3. Mulberry
  4. Jaeger fleur de lis cufflinks
  5. Luis Philips
  6. Beetle cufflinks
  7. Lanvin gold-tone knot cufflinks
  8. Theo Fennel
  9. Hugo Boss
  10. Mulberry
  11. ST Dupont
  12. Jaeger button cufflinks
  13. Skull by Paul Smith
  14. And many more…..

LAPTOP BAGS - Professional Look


Keep your commute just as stylish as your designer cloth with these leather laptop carrying case that’s large enough to fit cards, pens, pencils, and essential cords along with your laptop, tablet, or sketch book.

Striking the right balance of style and professionalism is the Ultimate Goal, but not all bags are equipped to do both. Certain colors, patterns, and shapes are too casual to get away with when you’re in a suit and tie. Similarly, some structured leather options might feel too formal at companies with business casual dress codes.

Laptop bags are essential part of every Corporate Professional regardless of position they hold and remember – When it comes to your PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL, how you carry yourself and what you carry matters a lot, TRUST ME, it does play a big role apart from your performance and it is one of KEY deciding factor in your Future Professional Growth.

There are wide range of silhouettes, colors, and prices — buy a design and color which suites to your personality and purpose without losing face at the office.

If you ask me for preference, I would suggest you to pay Extra Rs.1000-1200 and buy Leather product which last long and it shows Style and Class with Professional look.





With all the time most Professional spend sitting at a desk sketching, planning, and emailing, most Professionals love their DESK SPACE and the results they produce from there. Help them create the ultimate desk space with these minimal and functional office desk products like; concrete desk set with a pen holder, tape dispenser, sleek looking table clock and phone stand will help keep their space clutter free and stylishly organized.


You are certainly going to have a lot of options available when it comes buying a Gift for someone apart from the following, there are lot of other categories to choose from as per the occasion, what we had discussed here is those Gifting Ideas which you can offer at ANY OCCASION with the objective of staying in the Receiver’s mind with Positive Impression. Hopefully we have been able to help you get pointed in the right direction with the information mentioned above.

However, we will be publishing series of OCCASION based Gifting Ideas Post in coming months, so stay tuned.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and yours alone – so make sure that you do more than enough research to feel completely comfortable what to choose and why? If you have better ideas in mind, lets share it with us, subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates, if you have any queries ask at comment box and till then HAPPY READING.

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