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Every Corporations, Investors, Members, Startups and Entrepreneurs has one purpose:


And Coworking Spaces provides that PLATFORM

Other Key Must Have Amenities;

  • Community

Create a world Class Community of Professionals, service providers, mentors, Investors, where all Members can Work, Network, Collaborate, Innovate, Socialize and Grow Personally & Professionally.

  • Breeding ground and Knowledge Hub

The Coworking Hub should be a Breeding ground for future Leadership, Successful Entrepreneurs, Successful Professionals and Successful Individuals.

  • Angel Funding Platform (to eligible Ventures)

This will be one of the key MOTIVATING factor to become member of your Coworking Space.

How to make Coworking Space more appealing to prospective Users?

Role of Planning, Layout & Designing – If you think offering shiny working space with attractive design, hanging paintings on the Wall, few Added services, FREE Internet and run the space as a Coworking Hub and it will be really successful!! Than you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! Coworking Space Services are lot more than that. Few valuable tips we are sharing, how to make your Coworking space more appealing and have an edge over your competitors;

  • 1st and foremost – create WOW ambience with creative space designs and Intelligent paintings.
  • Lot of Natural Transparent lights, Open spaces, Vibrant, Live & Open Atmosphere.
  • Lots of Greenery all around & large Fish Aquarium @main Entrance with multiple Fish.
  • Flexible timings 24x7x365 days wherever it is possible or legally allowed.
  • Professional Environment and ideal surroundings.
  • Break-away zones to unwind & beat the Stress, ideally Terrace area with lot of greenery.
  • Noiseless working environment for Better & higher Performances.
  • Fitness Zones for Health freaks!!! Can un-wind-pump-up at Fitness Zones.
  • No Stinking smells, all clutter free zones.
  • Healthy Drinks & Snacks Bar.
  • Smart use of Terrace Space – Create a Green Terrace lawn with seating & working facility – High-appealing-Factor, will create USP & extra revenue source.
  • Unlimited Varieties of Tea, Coffee, Filtered water.
  • The Quality of inside Air free of O2 level creation of green & healthy ambience.
  • Events – Getting to meet your members intelligent people from multiple Professional sectors.
  • Technology @Every-Layers! You need to have the best, latest, Innovative & most advanced one.
  • Internet Connection – It’s the Life of Coworking Space. Ideal is Optic Fiber, high network Line for uninterrupted connectivity. 
  • Creative & Collaborative Place – Make the place to show Talent, Build a Strong Creative Community, let members, Innovate, ideate, share, grow Personally & Professionally.
  • ENVIRONMENT – create an Environment to Hone skills & help community members Grow in whatever they do.
  • Create Global Workplace where anyone can Work – Network & Grow.
  • Lot of FREE Stuff in the form of;

a. Advice & Guide books.

b. Affiliate Product discount coupons.

c. Affiliate partners promotion materials.

d. Promotional products or services related to their field or need.

e. Network building tools or links.

  • Offer those features, services & Technology which your competitors are not offering, just offering few FREEBIES is not the long term solution.
  • Hire people with Service attitude & Hospitality Industry back-ground.
  • Apply Referral Program & Commit what you promise, Entities who promises Sky-and-moon but Delivers Peanuts will result in falling down sooner or later.
  • Don’t be over-smart and Fleece your customers in the name of add-on services or hidden Cost, it will ruin your reputation and shut-your-business sooner or later.
  • Community – Building Smart Professional Community platform where members can  discuss, share, work, network, collaborate and Grow Personally & Professionally.
  •  Take care of your Customers i.e. Members for Repeat and Referral Business – IT SHOULD BE TOP  


Common & Advanced features @Coworking Space

Professional Lobby & Reception area – Optional.

Meet-Greet-Comfort Clients.

1-500+ Person Furnished Offices – Bigger the better.

High end Business Lounge.

Bespoke Offices with Keys to office doors (Reserved Cabin).

Administrative support-Community Managers.

Administrative support for complete set-up of office.

Complimentary or Minimum charge office supplies.

Cafeteria – Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster for Members.

Fully equipped Conference & meeting rooms.

Fully Equipped Event Spaces – Daily or Weekly basis.

Library-for Educational & Knowledgeable books.

Secured-Uninterrupted High speed Internet & Wi-Fi.

Parking Space.

Micro-Roasted Coffee & Multi-Flavored Tea.

Free & Unlimited-Tea, Coffee & Purified Water.

Sports Lounge-Relaxing & Stress-out.

Separate Smoking Zone.

Free basic Website designing – Premium & Virtual members.

Professional Printing – black-colored-3D.

24×7 Access-Optional.

Natural Green all around & Landscaping, Cafeteria.

Scheduled office cleaning & Maintenance 24×7.

Mail/Package handling & Services.

Fax/Copy/Scanner/Telephone/EPBAX systems.

VOIP Phone Services (Extra charge).

Ample Green spaces & Natural lights.

Quality Printing-Spiral binding-Lamination.

Multi-Color photo copy-Paper Shredder/Cutter.

Security Cameras & Personal Guards 24×7.

Access to Professional Community Members Network.

Dedicated Phone line & call diversion services (Virtual office).

Stationary supplies – In House counters.

Accounting, Computer Hardware, Software assistance.

Mobile Repairs, Accessories & Services.

Utility bill payments & Recharges.

Hardware on Rent/Repairs.

Free Sports lounges & leisure activities.

Safe Lockers, additional storage spaces.

Private booths for Phone calls.

Hotel, Restaurant, Airlines, Railways booking services.

Projector screens for Presentations.

Video Conferencing facilities.


Website hosting & Domain name Services.

Fresh & fully stocked Kitchen & Pantry.

Valet Parking facilities – Optional.

Reserve Parking – Optional, charges apply.

Secure Smart Access Card Entry Systems.

Internal House Keeping services.

Courier, Postal & Mail handling services.

Easy booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Multiple Payment mode – NO CASH.

Insurance Services.

Minimal Deposits-1 months – for long term Members.

Skype Booths – Optional.

Business Card, Business logo, Letter Head assistance.

Selfie-Zone for Selfie lovers

Advertising Opportunity @Events & Web-pages.

Additional Services does not mean FREEBIES to Members but Comfort & Convenience – saving Time, Energy and Money to Busy people so they can focus more on the job @Hand – Building Their Dreams. And an Extra-Revenue to Coworking Space Entity. 

No-Hidden Cost – If any Entity as Coworking Space wish to remain in the market for long time and be Successful, our suggestion to them is – DON’T TRY TO BE OVER-SMART and charge your members anything Extra and keep an Eye @Your Community Managers, whether they are fleecing your users for any reason (this is a common-practice), it will ruin Entity’s Reputation and end-up losing Trust and business in the long run. 

Apart from above, there are lot of other features which you can devise and implement in your Coworking Space to be better than your Competitors. The Best way to remain ahead is compare with your competitor services, offer more VALUE than what they are offering and implement Best Technology @No-additional cost to users.     

6 FEATURES USERS love most @Coworking Space

WOW Design

Attractive Design, global look and combination of different colors.


Technology at @every Layers Functional @every device.

Funding Opportunity

Networking Opportunity with Investors - Bigger the Better


Global Community of Professionals to Network, ideate, share and collaborate.

reasonable price

Best Features/Amenities @Best Price.


Freebies or Discount coupons from Affiliate Partners.

If followed these guidance seriously and use your Imagination for more creative ways to solve user’s problems and improve quality of services, we are sure the Coworking Space Entity will definitely have an edge over competitors. 

In our next post, we will discuss more on Coworking Space Trends, Key players and lot more, for more updates on latest posts, subscribe to our newsletter, if you have any opinion or better solution, lets discuss on our comment box, till than Happy Reading!!

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