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What is it?

Send a completely customized text or HTML email to our audience. Perfect for;

– Creating Brand awareness.

– Prospecting new clients.

– Launching or Introducing new product or service.

– Promoting existing product or coupons.

– Significant company news and announcements.

– Special Offers.

– Others

Millions of Emails can be sent to Unlimited numbers OR to a specific category of our database clients

– Engage Targeted Prospects With Your Customized Email Marketing Message.

– Elevate Awareness and Add Momentum to Your Marketing Campaign

– Provide timely, immediate communication.

The Benefits  

I-Platform’s Email Marketing allow you to add significant VIEWING power and impact to your sales and marketing campaign with your custom-designed, audience-directed message. Email marketing allow you to create awareness as you introduce new products or service, announce relevant company news, or present special offers. Your personalized Emails will;

– Educate and inform a top-level audience of I-Platform subscribers and custom Mail DATA clients.

– Build excitement with your opportunity-specific message.

How it Works?

– You supply the Content/message via your custom-designed HTML email file.

– Select custom Email DATA category & scheduled date.

I-Platform handles all aspects of delivery from data integration to template design.

– Timing – deployment determined to meet your mission-critical objectives.

– View analytics in your I-Dashboard within 24 hrs after Email campaign is sent.

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