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Want to reach new  & large audience? 

Sponsoring a successful Email newsletter (E-newsletter) can help you deliver your message to your target market and consumers in a very EFFECTIVE WAY.

“ONE OF THE BEST THING E-Newsletter PROVIDE IS…it convey MESSAGE and create IMPRESSIONS that lead to sales through other routes”.

E-Newsletter marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available to-date and practiced by among top Corporation’s across the global markets, allows sponsors to reach a wide audience and offering proven results. E-newsletters are particularly useful as a tool for communicating with customers, building engagement, driving traffic, and directing customers to key content or webpage.

And, with millions of readers interested, an email newsletter can be used as a platform for SPONSORSHIP – providing a great marketing opportunity for businesses looking to reach new and large audience.

Sponsorship of E-newsletters can be a powerful way to tap into new customer segments by aligning your brand to relevant topics or propositions. It helps increase exposure in a receptive environment and can subtly PROMOTE YOUR BRAND whilst gaining goodwill through association.


The benefits of sponsoring 

or Subscribing to E-Newsletter

The Key reason? It works.

“E-Newsletters work well for a new brand or Co’s. You might sign up one day and forget about them the next. It’s pretty hard to have an audience coming back to you every day. The E-newsletter remains in the heads of people.”

India Property Markets (I-Platform) sends 5+ Million E-Newsletters with our most popular articles, guides, listings, etc. to active subscribers and customized DATA lists every month. Advertorials in these E-newsletters are among the most powerful and effective options available in I-Platform’s advertising inventory, with the potential to deliver hundreds of leads with every newsletter — straight to your Inbox!

These ads put your marketing message in an editorial format that readers simply can’t ignore! Why? Because they look exactly like the summaries of articles published by I-Platform’s. E-newsletters are sent every Monday through Saturday throughout the year (except on Indian holidays). There are several advertorial opportunities in each issue.


I-PLATFORM attracts large AUDIENCE who is interested in REAL ESTATE & RETAIL (home & office) and Indian real estate market size is worth $160 billion in 2018 (IBEF Report) and Retail market worth $860 Billion in 2018


ROI is key to every E-Newsletter sponsorship and vital for brand sponsors to evaluate and decide marketing budget. We offer up-to-date and correct Analytics tools for publishers and sponsors with all the necessary metrics to understand views, click-throughs and open rates, to make sure that every penny Invested is Worth-Spending.

Resource & Results

E-newsletter Sponsorship is not just about attaching someone else’s brand to our Editorial Newsletters. For this we evaluate every consumer DATA & profile to make sure the E-newsletter sponsorship campaign to be successful, we understand data and have the ability to unearth unseen co-branding opportunities for our E-newsletter sponsors.

  • Our E-Newsletter can help inform, educate and entertain readers, while boosting brand awareness and readership on and offsite, encouraging subscriptions, maintaining loyalty of existing readers and providing advertising platform for our subscribers. It generates a higher rate of conversions to subscription than social media, they offer greater interactivity, notably through hyperlinking to underlying content.
  • E-Newsletter are a halfway house between print and digital. It permit a smooth “call to action” – triggering high response rates via a simple click to purchase, subscribe, read more or provide extra information.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantage of Editorial newsletter advertising is LOWEST COST. While a traditional newsletter or advertisement requires an investment for printing and mailing, and in some cases, design, advertising in Editorial E-newsletter is inexpensive and allow to design professional-looking newsletters and track your results as well. In most cases, these services are far less expensive than traditional advertising media.

Target Audience Marketing

Using our company Editorial newsletter for advertising helps you reach your targeted market, often customers who have already expressed an interest in your product or service. Customers who sign up to receive the newsletter, through our website or social media feeds, or agree to receive future communications when they make a purchase, already have a relationship with our company and may appreciate receiving advertisements about special offers or new products via E-newsletter or I-Platform email.

Added Value

Our E-newsletter engages customers with our company and brand, and gets them to pay attention to the advertisement, providing useful and engaging Editorial-newsletter content keeps customers interested, and helps build loyalty towards the company & contents. We fill every newsletter with content that provides tips, instructions or ideas and encourages customers to read further which add value to the communication and keeps them interested.

USEFUL CONTENT – Engaging content sent to a targeted list of qualified professionals who are looking for products and services like yours. A combination of banner positions to reinforce your brand and text positions to drive website traffic deliver proven ROI for sponsors of our email newsletters. All newsletters use the latest responsive design technology that automatically reformats the newsletter so it is readable in every device.

Optimized for Every Device – Today’s consumers are Tech-Savvy, 68% of young generation uses Smart-Phone to read Emails, we redesigned all of our E-newsletters to make sure they render natively on any smartphone. This is innovation that is proven to engage more readers with your marketing message, with as much as 20% improvement in click-through compared with traditional email design.

Brand Awareness – Editorial email newsletters are highly effective for driving brand awareness and product introductions for Organizations among our most engaged audiences.


Advertorials Category


How it Works?

Sponsored Content Newsletters feature Project, Product, Article, Blogs, Market research report, Investment guides, News & Information etc. related to Real Estate and Retail sector, the content sent to a targeted list of qualified professionals who are looking for products and services offered by our subscribers. Your message is featured prominently alongside current news and new product coverage. A combination of advertising positions will make your BRAND visible and text positions and link will drive traffic to your website delivering proven ROI.

The Benefits

Associate your company name, project, product or service expertise via these single-sponsored, topic-specific newsletters. We can work with you to develop high-level coverage of specific technology news and trends that will reach a targeted audience looking for your product or service. Utilize our subscribers and customized audience database to create a list that targets the right audience with the right message and generates higher results.


How It Works?

This email newsletter is sent on daily basis to our subscribed audience or Target audience. Each issue features approximately 12 project or product or service showcases. These can be either a traditional newsletter across new listings, Project, Product, Service or Expertise (only for premium subscribers), Article, Blogs, Guides, Project or Product Review, others, for example;

– Landlord-Lessor-Lessee Advice.

– Latest, Just or New Listed properties

– How to’s guides

– Franchisee/Franchisors guides

– Home upgrade & maintenance advice

– Retail market information.

– Market information, Investment opportunity reports.

– Retail, Real Estate market & Industry reports.

– Market research reports.

– Building Beautiful Home & Office – Everything about Home & Office.

– And lot more….

The Benefits

Our readers have come to rely upon I-Platform brand news for new market reports, Investment & how to’s guides, updates, product information & review. These newsletters bring a level of scale to any new product marketing effort by guaranteeing a level of scale and exposure to very large audience.

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