 What is indiapropertymarkets.com?

Indiapropertymarkets.com is a Listing, Advertising and Marketing PLATFORM to buy, sell or rent properties across India & global markets. Builders, land/property owners and Agent/Agencies     list their properties on the Platform for sale, rent or franchise. Buyers or Renters choose a suitable property from thousands of listings on the site and contact owners directly without the involvement of Indiapropertymarkets.com

 Is Indiapropertymarkets.com a Brokerage Company?

No, Indiapropertymarkets.com is a listing & marketing platform and not a Brokerage/Consultant company.

 Does Indiapropertymarkets.com endorse legitimacy of the properties listed on the platform?

Indiapropertymarkets.com does believes and put enough efforts to make sure that all the information on the Platform is correct, most of the projects, properties or services are thoroughly researched and due-diligence is done before listing. However, no warranty is made on the accuracy or reliability of the information contained herein.

 Can I buy property or product on Indiapropertymarkets.com?

No, Indiapropertymarkets.com is a searching platform, once you find the ideal property, contact the lister/owner/builder or service provider directly.

Getting Started

 Do I need to create an account to search property or associate service in Indiapropetymarkets.com?

No, you don’t need to create any account to search property or associate services on Indiapropertymarkets.com platform.

 When & why I do need to create a sign-up account at Indiapropertymarkets.com platform?

When you decide to take Indiapropertymarkets.com service, in that case you MUST sign-up and create an account, service features includes;

  • Listings – Property or Service
  • Subscription of our Plan & Features – all services
  • Or when user/Buyer wants to shortlist their search for future reference.

 Is registration MUST for listing of property?

YES, it is, all the informations related to your services are located and visible in your I-Dashboard, and I-Dashboard is visible only once you are registered with Valid Mail id and Mobile number.

 If I am a regular user and buyer, how can I register my account?

Click on register and follow the Instructions, once account is created, edit or modify the dashboard as per your liking.

 How to create Account as Landlord, Builder/Developer, Agent or Agencies, Architect, Interior designer?

You can create an Indiapropertymarkets.com account by following these steps:

  • Go to Indiapropertymarkets.com –
  • Click on Register – READ MORE….
  • Fill in your name, username, email address, mobile number and set a password. Click on ‘Create Account’ to complete the process.
  • After you create the account, we will send a confirmation email to your registered email ID or Mobile number. Just click the confirmation link to complete the registration process.
  • Go to My account create you profile as Builder, Landlord, Agent, Agencies, Others.

 How do I log-in to Indiapropertymarkets.com?

Once your account is created –

  • go to Indiapropertymarkets.com
  • Click on Login
  • Marked Image
  • Enter your email id & Password
  • Once in your account Dashboard, do the changes and modification as per your choice.

 I forgot my Password, how do I reset my Password?

Go to Indiapropertymarkets.com 

    1. Click on ‘Login’
    2. Click ‘Forgot Password’
    3. Enter your email ID and submit. You will receive an email from Indiapropertymarketrs.com to help you reset your password.
    4. Enter new password and Login
    5. However, you need to have access to your registered mail id and mobile numbers for verification.

 Can I change my Login Email id?

  • NO, once account created, you cannot change Login Email id.
  • Our suggestion – Please make sure you are using the same mail id for signing to your account and maintaining same id.

 What are Premium, Enterprise or Premium Enterprise plans?

  • Premium plans are the one’s subscribed by our subscribers like Builders/Developers, landlords, associate services, Agents/Agencies, Others.
  • Premium plans offers much more additional marketing features, better and higher visibility on our Platform.
  • For more….READ What plan is ideal for me?
  • Sample Premium Plan features – VIEW MORE
  • Sample Premium Listings – VIEW MORE

 What are Ready to Move-in Property?

This is completed projects that are ready for immediate occupancy with all required permission as per law without any waiting period are called as ‘Ready-To-Move-In’

 What is Rented Property or Asset?

  • Rented Property/Asset are the properties which is already leased to Reputed Co’s, Brands, entities or individuals which is generating monthly rents.
  • The same Monthly Rental Income account will be transferred to buyers name from the day the Sale deed is registered (in concerned authority) and title is transferred. (In-this case, do the due-diligence of the Renter and have a fresh agreement signed in your name i.e. between you (buyer) and Renter (Lessee).

 What is Hot Properties?

Properties located in prime areas, colonies, localities or DBD’s (Central Business Districts) with higher demands among buyers, with promising ‘investment values/ROI potential’ are called as ‘Hot Properties’.


 What is the Searching criteria at Indiapropertymarkets.com?

  • There’s no-criteria for searching property at Indiapropertymarkets.com, it’s FREE forever. However, to obtain or have access to certain contact information’s there’s terms or plans to follow or subscribe to, for example for Premium services, you need to subscribe for any of the plans as per your budget and suitability.

 I don’t find property as per my requirement, what should I do?

  • It means there’s no property currently available that match your search criteria. You may subscribe property alerts to receive emails, when a matching property is listed.
  • You may also continue your search by refining your search criteria.
  • You also connect to one of our listed Agent or Agencies who may help you in your Endeavour Or you may subscribe to one of our CUSTOMIZED subscription plan LEAD MARKET+, our team will get-back to you with CONFIRMED AVAILABLE PROPERTIES in that localities with exact information within next 10 working days. VIEW MORE

 How do I save my search?

To save a search, you need to Sign-in and create an account with Indiapropertymarkets.com;

  • log into your account.
  • Go to ‘My account’.
  • Click on the ‘My Searches’ tab
  • Click on ‘Recent Search’
  • Click on ‘Save Search’ against the particular search criteria Your search criteria is saved.

 What is a property Alert?

If you don’t find the properties you are looking for as your requirement or criteria, you can sign up for property alerts. We will send you alert emails when matching properties are listed on our platform.

 How can I contact the property Owner?

To connect with property owner, do the following;

  • Click on CONTACT NOW, below property listing.
  • Submit your Email id.
  • If it is paid subscriber, full contact number will be listed there.

 What do I do to have the property Owner contact me?

To have the property owner contact you;

  • Click on CONTACT NOW below the property listing
  • Add your contact information & Click on SUBMIT.
  • The property owner or Agent will contact you.

 How can I find Professional Agent in my Locality?

To find agent in your locality;

  • Go to Agent Dashboard – READ HERE
  • Click on FIND AGENT with locality i.e. Agents in Khan Market, New Delhi or Agents in Indira Nagar, Bangalore.
  • How do I view a property on the Map?

 How can I contact the property Owner?

To connect with property owner, do the following;

  • Click on CONTACT NOW, below property listing.
  • Submit your Email id.
  • If it is paid subscriber, full contact number will be listed there.

 How do I view a property on the Map?

To view the property on MAP, click on LOCATION MAP icon below the listing and click on + or – icon as per your preference to increase or decrease size of the map.


 Does Indiapropertymarkets.com provides property loans?

NO, Indiapropertymarkets.com doesn’t provide property loans, however, you can connect to Loan providers from the links provided on our Platform – VIEW MORE

 What are bank approved properties?

These are the properties approved by the banks for home loan and all the Pre-due-diligence in this regard is done by the bank or their legal department. However, loan sanction is completely dependent on the profile of the loan applier.


 Can I list my property for FREE?

  • YES, you can for 180 days as BASIC PLANS.

 What are the different listing packages?

We have different listing packages suitable to all budget. VIEW MORE

 How long does it take to view my listing on Indiapropertymarkets.com?

  • It depends under which plan you have subscribed, normally it takes from 24 hrs to 10 days – VIEW MORE DOWN

 What should I do if my listing is showing incorrect information?

Although rare, sometimes you may come across information that is displaying incorrectly on your listing. If this happens, please consider the following:

  • Login to I-Dashboard & Edit from there. READ MORE

Contact us via LiveChat, Raise a Ticket or mail us at – support@indiapropertymarkets.com


 What payment methods Indiapropertymarkets.com accepts?

We accept payment in following mode;

  • Credit/Debit Card – Visa/MasterCard
  • Wire Transfer (online payment/net banking).
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • PayTm
  • Account Deposit

 Can I make payment in Cash or Offline?

NO, due to multiple security reasons, we don’t accept Offline or Cash payment.

 I can’t proceed to payment gateway or my convenient mode of payment is not listed, what should I do?

 Still have some Queries left?


 Which Plan is ideal for me?

READ HERE – for better understanding

 What type of Subscription plans IPM offers?

  • IPM Offers 3 category of plans;
    • Basic – FREE
    • Paid
    • Add-On services

 Why I should subscribe for Annual or Long term Plan?

  • Real Estate Assets & Projects CANNOT BE SOLD OR LEASED in few months, especially large projects, so ideal is subscribe for an annual or long-term plan for best results – Be Visible & Be Found Continuously!
  • Apart from Visibility, Premium Annual Plans has Customized Email and Newsletter service features which we will mail regularly as per plan quotation and statistics mailed to you or visible in your Dashboard periodically.
  • Products and Services require CONTINUOUS planned marketing to remain and create awareness about Product & Brand. We do that for you if you are subscribed for Premium, Enterprise or Premium Enterprise plan.
  • Our plans offer Value for Money and Easy on Budget compared to other high-cost competitors.

 Can I take 2 Plans or more together?

  • However, ideal is subscribe to higher (Enterprise plans) which include every necessary marketing features, if more Visibility is needed, subscribe to Banner Ads or Add-On services for High-Impact & More visibility. Read Here-WHAT IS ADD-ON SERVICES

 What plan should I subscribe for more Effective Marketing Results?

All plans are suitable for different category of users, for more Elaborated answers Read Here

 How to attract more Tenant or Buyer for my Property?

The best method is THINK FROM BUYER OR RENTERS PERSPECTIVE and offer EXTENSIVE DETAILS about your property to prospective Buyers and Renters with lot of High Quality Images. PRESENTATION IS PRIMARY with More detail you offer, more people will show interest and consider you as a SERIOUS, GENUINE owner/Renters. Our Enterprise, Premium+ subscription plans offer this feature.

 I have Annual plan subscribed, but my property Leased-out before the end of subscription period, will I get refund?

Yes, however, we will deduct one-time subscription fee (Rs.1250 each plan) + used period cost, balance is Refunded in the form of;

  • Account deposit
  • or Credit Notes, which can be used in the future (no-expiry period),
  • Can exchange with another plan or add-on subscription or gift it to friend or family,
  • If you have another plan running, you can avail ADD-ON service or Upgrade the plan.

 Can I switch my Listing Category from Residential to Commercial vice versa and list another project under same plan?

Yes, you can, the remaining listing period will be applied to new listing and old listing will be removed. You can do it either from your Dashboard or contact Support for further assistance if required.

 Why not FREE Contact number access on all listings? Why should USERS pay for them?

  • Access to most services, features and contacts are 100% FREE on our website, and will remain FREE forever except Premium Services.
  • However, we gathered and Hand-Picked all these project, product, service informations by Physically visiting these sites, evaluating Pros & Cons, our survey team gathers all these informations which cost us Time, Energy & Money.
  • WE don’t SCRAP informations from data sellers and 3rd party online portals, we put lot of efforts to gather REAL INFORMATIONS and do all due-diligence before listing them.

 I have Basic-FREE Plan, will it be visible every time in Search?

         Yes & No

  • Yes – if there’s NOT heavy Search Traffic.
  • No or Limited – If there IS heavy Search Traffic.
  • Priority in SEARCH is offered as follows;

Top – Premium Enterprise Plan – Luxury Plan 

2nd – Premium Enterprise Plan

3rd – Premium Plan

4th – Gold Plus Plan/Featured Listings

5th – Anonymous Plan

6th – Silver Plan

Last – Basic Plan-FREE (if applicable).

Customer Support also follows the same structure i.e. Top Priority to Premium Enterprise Plan, followed by other subscribers.

 What is your Refund policy?

Read our Refund Policy READ HERE

 What is Associated Products & Services?

  • These are the related Products and Services to Build Beautiful Home & Office. VIEW DETAILS HERE – COMING SOON

 What is the Discounts or other Saving Schemes on Multiple listings?


 I have subscribed for Paid plan at Promotional offer period, however, can I use it later?

Yes, your paid plan is valid for 12 months and you can use it anytime during this period.

 Can I Exchange my subscription plan with friend or Agency?

Yes, however, it is subject to agreeing our Terms of Service and listing standard guidelines by the receiver/transferee READ MORE…

 Can I Advertise & Sub-contract 3rd party Project, Product or Service on my plan?

  • NO – As a Landlord, Developer & Builder.
  • YES – As an Agent or Agency. However, you cannot accept paid advertisement from 3rd Party subscribers or sub-contractors for listing their Content DATA.

 Does listings by Agent, Agency and Landlords project published simultaneously and co-exist?

YES, if they have listed their project & subscribed to our plan, they can do so as per their plan specification and they Co-exists.

 Why contact number is not visible in my Listings?

Because you are subscribed to Basic-FREE plan, after certain listing time-period, listing will still be visible, however, the FREE Contact numbers will not be visible to site Visitors and visitors can access those numbers after subscribing for our SEARCH LEADS plan – READ MORE.


 Why Clear & Large image is not visible in my Listings?

  • Because you are subscribed to Plan which doesn’t include high quality large IMAGE features, for example Basic plan or Silver Plan?

 Why I am not getting good response for my Listings?

Either you are subscribed to Basic-FREE or Silver plan, for better response, subscribe to higher plans OR subscribe to ADD-On services.

 Is the Plan & Prices Negotiable?

NO, these plans are Non-Negotiable, however, we have following schemes running for MORE BENEFITS to our Subscribers where they can SAVE BIG – Read More…

  • Scheduled Promotional Plan – Upto 30% Discount for 1st 500 subscribers.
  • SaveBig Schemes for Bulk subscriptions.
  • OR some other Offers or Schemes which we announce periodically.
  • Referral Plan – Refer your Friends, Associates or Clients, once they subscribe to any plan, you will get 20% COMMISSION and your Friend will get 10% discount on 1st subscription, and you can Refer as many friends as you wish, you will get Referral Commission for every SUBSCRIBED/ PAID Referral. More Referrer More you will SAVE and you can exchange Referral Income with Enterprise, Premium subscription plan or upgrade your existing plan – READ MORE- SAVE BIG Schemes

 When my Referral Payment is due?

Your Refer payment becomes due only after your Referrer friend or Associate subscribes for any of our Paid plans, once the plan is ACTIVATED and LIVE, your Referral FEE becomes DUE and you will be intimated accordingly.

 What is Editorial Newsletter Sponsorship Advertisement?

WE publish and send Daily Newsletters to our readers and subscribers, in a month, we send Millions of them, it could be Blog post, Article, Knowledge info or product launch, we INSERT/SERVE IMAGE ADS below the Headline + Middle of blog/ article page, with Link directing to Advertiser’s webpage or contact page. VIEW SAMPLE HERE

 What is the Benefit of Editorial Newsletter Advertisement?

  • Build an Amazing Website and wish people to visit your website, however, it’s simply not enough to hope that your customers will gravitate to your site organically without EFFECTIVE MAREKTING Effort. Your Email Newsletter plays an active role in site traffic and sales. READ MORE REPORT
  • 82 percent of consumers open emails from companies – Salesforce.com
  • HIGHEST VISIBILITY & OPEN RATES – Emails Generate Serious leads and provides you Business Exposure.
  • Lowest Marketing Cost – Boost Sales and Provides HIGHEST ROI.
  • 89% of Deliverability and 47% Open Average Global Ratio if sent via Professional channels.
  • Driving Traffic to your Website page – Showcasing your Professional expertise.
  • Direct Communication with your Prospective Consumers – Enhancing Public Relations.
  • Personalized content.
  • Opportunity to Reach very large Consumer @Shortest time.
  • Bypassing Spam filters.

 What is the Criteria for Editorial Newsletter Sponsorship Advertisement?

Newsletter Sponsorship is one of the most effective Advertisement medium on I-PLATFORM which we send on daily basis, the key standard per Email feature is;

  • 1 (one) Content Article, Knowledge Guides, Blogs, Informative News, Affiliate product news, etc.
  • 4-6 Product or Service Subscriber company Banner Ads with every newsletter content page.
  • EXCLUSIVE NEWSLETTER ADS RATES DIFFER from Regular Newsletter Ads…..View More Here
  • READ MORE – IndyMail – Editorial Newsletter Sponsorship

 What is Customized and Targeted Email Advertisement?

Every Product or Service caters to certain Consumer category, and while marketing those consumers Category is targeted to attain the HIGHEST ROI, for example McDonald’s is popular and targets to children’s and Starbucks caters to coffee lovers or young population or Zara caters to Young Fashion conscious Youth. We have 24+ consumers DATA category to choose from. Read More-Email Category DATA….

 What is IndyMails?

IndyMails is our In-House Email and Newsletter sending Platform for better DELIVERY RESULTS. READ MORE HERE….

 Can I use my own Email DATA to send Emails?

Yes, you can. Send us the cleaned list on CSV or Excel file, we will RE-clean, organize and send Emails as per your schedule. However, it will not be FREE service and counted and deducted from total subscription plan (apply only if you have Newsletter/Email features in your plan).

 How many Email Advertisement plan can I subscribe to daily, monthly or annual basis?

UNLIMITED! There’s no-limit to subscribing; we can send more than a million mails every month via IndyMails.

 What is the importance of Editorial Newsletter or Customized Email Advertisement? Does it Add-Value?

 What is the Customized Email Category?

It means you choose your Email Consumer/Receiver category, we will do the rest. READ MORE……IndyMail-Mailing Category

 I have subscribed for Enterprise Plan (long-term), can I use all Newsletter & Customized mail services in 3 months period instead of 12 months?

Yes, you can, however, after your limit is exhausted, no-further Newsletter or Customized Emails will be sent on monthly basis. However, other features/services will still be applicable.

 What is the Presentation Building Assistance by Expert professionals?

  • It’s True to say “1st IMPRESSION is the last Impression, however, to create that Impression, one needs to do thorough Attention to details, Planning and analysis of Project, Product or Services and this result can be achieved only BY EXPERTS with Experienced professional background, and WE HAVE Professionals with ON-GROUND EXPERTISE from various sectors. READ MORE 
  • Another example, if you have Amazing, Great Project, Product or Service but your PRESENTATION & CONTENT is not Professional and Impressive, you will be lost in the Crowd and will receive DUDD RESPONSE.

 Is it important to Show Promoters or Owner’s Profile?

  • YES, it is. No-one likes to deal or communicate with a Wall, if you don’t have visible Profile, 70% of people will avoid such Project, Product or Landlord regardless of how Amazing your Product, Project or Services are!! If Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates can have their profile on their Online Website, why not yours? In-Blunt Language, not having clear visible profile means…THERE’S SOMETHING FISHY!!! And today’s Consumers & Investors don’t want to deal with such people.

 Where Can I see my Activity Reports, Listings list and Payment reports?

You will be assigned with I-DASHBOARD, where you can view all your Profile, Listing, activity, Payment paid, Payment due, Mailing plan and other reports.

 Can I Submit my Listings from My I-Dashboard?

  • Yes, all listings can be submitted by subscribers themselves by following our LISTING DETAILS GUIDELINES. However, all listings are subject to approval by Content Editor, and the process will take maximum 3 working days after the submission and the subscriber will be informed via Email either their submission is approved or disapproved or additional DATA required or changes suggested.
  • After the approval, account will be Activated and Content DATA will go LIVE, you will be intimated accordingly.

 What Analytical Reports IPM will provide?

This service is applicable & provided to only Premium, Enterprise, Premium Enterprise and Luxury & Penthouse plan subscribers, the key reports provided are;

  • Numbers of mails sent on your behalf.
  • Numbers of visitors clicked on those mails/links.
  • Number of mail Opened.
  • Number of readers visited your webpage or website.
  • Number of clicks on your banner ads.
  • Etc.

 If I am subscribed to Premium, Enterprise and Premium Enterprise plan, when & which days can I send Newsletter & Customized Email?

We will send mail as your scheduled plan and you have to intimate us 3 days in advance, after confirmation from both sides, plan will be executed. You can send Emails either daily, weekly or once a month, it’s all upto you. The numbers of Emails are limited to subscribed plan, for sending more customized or Newsletter Emails, subscribe to additional plan or Add-On Service. VIEW PLAN HERE

 Does IPM sells Emails DATA?

NO, we don’t sell our Email DATA.

 Add-On Services! How EFFECTIVE they are?

These are very PRACTICAL, EFFECTIVE and RESULT ORIENTED features, based on our On-Ground experience during all these years, we have devised these plans so that our Subscribers can attain HIGHEST ROI with maximum additional benefits.


It all depends on various factors, no one-size-fits-all. For detail understanding …READ MORE HERE – WHICH PLAN IS IDEAL FOR ME

 What is Pay-As-You-Go Service?

It means your Services will be ACTIVATED after we receive full payment from you and you will receive confirmation mail from us (for record).

 Will Indiapropertymarkets.com start charging me from the day my account is Activated?

  • If you falls under new account and your content page is not ready, charges will start from the day your Content Page goes LIVE on I-PLATFORM.
  • If you are old subscriber and you are Re-subscribing after a gap and wish to activate with same Content Page, it will be LIVE & account ACTIVATED immediately. If you are old subscriber, however, want to add New Content Page, than IPM will start charging you after it goes LIVE.
  • You will start paying only after your Content Page goes LIVE.

 What Credit facility Indiapropertymarkets.com offers?

WE don’t offer any Credit facility, it’s our Corporate Policy and we strictly adhere to it.

 Add-On Services! How EFFECTIVE they are?

These are very PRACTICAL, EFFECTIVE and RESULT ORIENTED features, based on our On-Ground experience during all these years, we have devised these plans so that our Subscribers can attain HIGHEST ROI with maximum additional benefits.

 Will I get separate and independent Domain name for my Brand/ company/ Property website?

  • YES, for that you need to subscribe to our Website Building plan….. READ MORE

 Does Indiapropertymarkets.com help building Professional website?

  • YES, we can do that for our Listing & Paid Subscribers only (in any category), this service is not available for non-IPM-subscribers.
  • View more details VIEW MORE HERE & SUBSCRIBE

 What is the Guarantee that Indiapropertymarkets.com will deliver Listing placements & Advertisement as Promised?

  • Indiapropertymarkets.com is our CORE BUSINESS (not similar business houses/groups who is into multiple Industry and Realty platform is just a Small part or SECONDARY ENTITY) and it’s our PASSION. In fact, it’s our only Business. A dedicated team from various back-ground with 14-28 years of On-ground Sectoral expertise in Retail – Commercial Real Estate – IT/SEZ – Hospitality – Healthcare – Technology – Sales & Marketing, we know what it takes to be Visible and Successful in ONLINE MARKETING. We are 100% dedicated to delivering the best Advertising and Marketing experience for our Subscribers & Visitors. READ MORE – HOW WE MARKET YOUR PROPERTY?
  • It also means you can rely on us; we have 21+ years of Realty Market Presence behind us. READ MORE-About us
  • NOT A STARTUP – We are not a fresh STARTUP with lot of Investors funding, who tends to Shut-Down businesses @Fastest-Pace. We are self-funded, Stable, well Organized Company with a healthy cash flow. Our Subscribers and visitors can count on us to deliver Fantastic Service Experience as long as you need it. WE DELIVER WHAT WE PROMISE!!
  • Tackling Realty Problem – “WE are tackling problems that WE care about deeply and that drive US to keep going every day”.
  • We are here for longer term, short-term mindset doesn’t suit us.
  • You will start seeing results LIVE on our Platform within 1-10 days after subscription and payment, you can cross check it anytime 24x7x365 days after you receive ACTIVATION & LIVE mail from us.

 When Can I see my Content Page LIVE after subscription & Payment?

  • Once your final payment is received, depending on the plan you have subscribed and DATA you will provide us, it generally takes 7-10 days to see your Content Page LIVE, however, account is ACTIVATED immediately after subscription and payment receipt.
  • You can submit us data via 2 methods;
    • Front End Submission – from your Dashboard following our Listing Details Guidelines.


  • Emails – Sending DATA (all details as per Standard Details Report) as per our Listing Details Guidelines – READ MORE.
  • After we receive DATA & Content from you, we will evaluate and intimate you either it is ACCEPTED OR REFUSED, if DATA submitted is Incomplete, we will ask for more information, if it is Refused, you will be intimated WHY and what’s the solution?
  • If your Content is refused, your payment will transferred to your account with immediate effect.

 What if Content DATA submitted is Incomplete?

If Content DATA submitted is Incomplete and required details are not present as our guidelines, we will ask you for more information, still if not submitted within 15 days, we will not ACCEPT your DATA and Subscription FEE refunded immediately.

 Can I pay in Installment?

For annual or 300+ days plan, we can accept in 2 installment i.e.

  • 1st Installment before Activation (60%).
  • 2nd Installment between 150-160 days (40%).
  • If payment date crosses 165th day, your account will be automatically DE-ACTIVATED and your advertising/listing will go OFFLINE or it will be converted to Basic Listing Category.
  • For less than 300 days, Monthly plan or ADD-ON services, there are no-Installment payment schemes.

 Should I Subscribe for monthly plan OR long-term plan?

  • If you think your Project, Product or Services will reach to millions of prospective Consumers & Users within 30 days? YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG!! Advertising & Marketing is a Non-Time-Bound process, especially Real Estate, Retail products and Services, and it takes time to mature and convert leads to Paying customers. For this reason, you and your project, product or service needs to be in-front of consumers mind for long time, for fairly minimum 6 months or more. This is the key reason, we have devised Features & Plans which is easy on Subscribers pocket with the aim of providing them High Visibility, Highest ROI for their Investment.
  • For monthly Advertisement, we suggest you to subscribe for one of our Add-on plans which offer ideal solution for every marketing needs. READ MORE-ADD ON SERVICE
  • However, we have plans & packages for all, either you wish to subscribe to Monthly, Long-term or Add-On plans, anyone can subscribe to any plan as per their suitability and affordability.

When Indiapropertymarkets.com will start charging me after subscription

From the day your Content Page goes LIVE not from the day account is ACTIVATED.

 Who will provide Content for my Project, Product or Service page?

Preliminary and full DATA will be provided by you, our team will start-work from there, Integrate necessary Tech, do editing, suggestion and do rest of the work to put your Professional looking page Online. You will need to approve the final Page layout within 3 working days after we send it for Review, if we don’t receive any updates from you within this period, we will Publish page with immediate effect.

 What is the Key Reason my Property is still lying VACANT or not SELLING?

There are Multiple-Reason’s behind it, one of the Key and Top Reason is; YOU ARE NOT VISIBLE i.e. LACK OF INTELLIGENT MARKETING. Read More-Blog Article – Why I am unable to Lease – Sell my Property?

 What to do if my Listed Property is Leased or Sold?

Steps to follow if your Listed Property is Leased or Sold;

  • Go to I-Dashboard and Switch Right side button to turn off to Off/Not Live mode, it means property is no-more available.
  • If you still have subscription plan period still available (more than 3 months), Raise Ticket or ChatLive. We will do the rest.
  • You have 2 options, either to take balance days payment Refund or take Credit Note for Future use or you can buy Add-on or Upgrade to higher plan for another property.

 What happens if I failed to Remove my Ads or Inform Indiapropertymarkets.com after my Property is Sold or Leased-out?

Failure to Remove or Intimate Indiapropertymarkets.com about Non-availability of your property will result in 3 action;

  • After your property is Leased or Sold, remove it within 72 hours from your I-Dashboard or Intimate Indiapropertymarkets.com and we will remove it.
  • If your property Ad is not Removed from the platform for 120 hrs after it is Leased or Sold, you could be penalized @Rs.550 per day till your Ad is not removed.
  • If you failed to do so for another 220 Hours, and failed to pay penalty fee or worse, if anyone complains that your listing is not Available Sold and Leased, you or your company could be BLACKLISTED and you could not be able to place any Ad in the future on I-PLATFORM.
  • Indiapropertymarkets.com takes this Part very seriously, so we suggest every subscriber to either REMOVE Ads from your Dashboard or Intimate us once your property is Leased or Sold.

 How Can I Re-Activate my Subscription Plan?

If you have taken our services earlier, and wish to RE-ACTIVATE your account, subscribe to your preferred plan, if you have Credit-Note, use it to subscribe, provide Content DATA or mail to ACTIVATE same old DATA, we will put your Ad-LIVE in few hours or within 24 hrs.

 Indiapropertymarkets.com REFER & EARN! What’s this?

  • Indiapropertymarkets.com REFER & EARN is an Affiliate or Referral Schemes for our Subscribers and website Visitors.
  • What is Referral? – Referral means putting people in touch with services that have the resources to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals, Indiapropertymarkets.com is not just property LISTING & ADVERTISING COMPANY, we offer SOLUTION!!
  • AN OPPORTUNITY TO EARN BY REFERRING – Every Individual Professional have Network of Professional friends or Clients who is looking for Solutions one way or other, if you refer your Friend or Client and they subscribe for Indiapropertymarkets.com paid services, you EARN COMMISSION for every 1st (first) subscription.
  • Payment Option;
    • Cash Payment – Account deposit.
    • OR Subscribe – Upgrade to Premium plans.
  • Our Flat Commission Standard is 20% for every Refer (paid subscription only and it doesn’t apply to FREE subscription plan). VIEW MORE

 What is the best Mode of Communication with Indiapropertymarkets.com?

  • We have 4 medium;
  • Best Methods –
    • Live Chat – Live-Chat offers one of the HIGHEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATES & Immediate response.
    • Support Ticket

Why Only Chat – Support Ticket or Email?

  • Record Keeping – Every Communication record needs to be there for future refer and 1st two features help us to do the job perfectly saving Time, Energy, Resources and Money to our Subscribers.
  • Follow-Up – follow-up is easily done and any issues resolved immediately if Record is @Handy.
  • Best Service and Effective – Best Mode of Service and various Services is provided via this methods…Always.
  • Management – Chances of Mis-Management is ZERO, keeping @Support team at their best! Always, and help us to keep an eye on Service Standard provided by our Support Team.
  • Most Calling Communication has it’s FLAWS with records, Service standard is not upto required standard, chances of Miss-communication and Miss-information is very high. Our experience is; Calling Communication model doesn’t provide high level of customer service and don’t fit-in our priority.       
  • Use Live-Chat – LiveChat Option for Best response and quick resolution of any issues or support, our support teams are always online during working-hours – 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Raise Ticket – We will respond within 2-24 hours or earlier.

 What is your accepted payment methods?

  • We accept payment via following Channels;
    • Credit/Debit Card-Visa/Master Card/Amex
    • PayPal
    • PayTm
    • Stripe
    • Wire Transfer

 My problem is still not resolved, what should I do?

Chances of not resolving your problem is MINIMAL, however, if you are still not satisfied with the solution offered by our Support team, mail at – ceo@indiapropertymarkets.com , we will revert back within 24 hours (working days), THAT’S OUR PROMISE.

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