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Email Marketing

Mature, yet still VERY COST-EFFECTIVE, highly efficient and measurable, email marketing remains a staple for marketing leaders.

“ONE OF THE BEST THING EMAILS PROVIDE convey MESSAGE and create IMPRESSIONS that lead to sales through other routes”.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email campaign Report analysis, (top 3 retailer), USA

If you want people to visit your website or know about your Product or Service, it’s simply not enough to hope that your customers will gravitate to your website organically. Your E-Newsletter plays an active & Important role in SITE TRAFFIC AND SALES. 

The key advantages include;

Highest Deliverability & Open Rate

– Email has 89% of Deliverability and 47% Open Average Global Ratio if sent via Professional channels.

Emails Create 1st Impressions & Information

– that lead to sales through other routes, it provides real information to consumers.

Low Cost

– Compared to other Advertising method, Email is the Cheapest in terms of Price.

Personalized Content & Direct Communication

– Content created as per the audience preference and potential to reach to build BIG consumer network in very short time.

High Visibility & roi

– Email marketing method generates Excellent ROI.

Other Channels

– With TV, DIRECT MAIL and Print MediaIT’S NOT THE SAME.

Leading Communication Channel

– Email is not only widely available, but extensively read. A widely used form of business communication.

– Emails are a halfway house between print and digital. It permit a smooth “call to action” – triggering high response rates via a simple click to purchase, subscribe, read more or provide extra information.

-This is still the leading and effective channel for getting the best ROI for Corporations across the globe. There’s plenty of data to back up the benefits of email marketing. For example:

– 91 percent of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with (MarketingSherpa report , 2015).

25 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats by

Why Email Marketing is King?

  1. E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media – nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combinedMcKinsey Report:
  2. Email Marketing more effective – In terms of reach, an average Email marketing far outperforms social media open rate which could be easily increased by writing better Subject Lines &
  3. According to another report – 66% of online consumers made a purchase as a result of an Email Marketing message.
  4. Standard conversion rates of Email newsletters: 5-9%, however, it is much higher for Retail & Coupon Industry (Approx. 15-23%).
  5. Working Professionals – 72% of Email users are working Professionals.
  6. Social Media – Average conversion rates of Social media – Less than 2% (2 percent). Social media is mostly meant for BRANDING & VISIBILITY not CONVERSION.
  7. Email Reaches 89% of the people you send it to (this is the global, average inbox placement rate).
  • Serious Communication Medium When it comes to building business relationships and communicating with partners and clients, the most “serious”, “grown-up” medium is Email
  • On the other hand, Facebook’s organic REACH and READABILITY % declined to about 1-6%, depending on your total number of fans.

Email is Not Dead! IT IS STILL THE KING, when it comes to Advertising & Marketing of Property, Product or Services

Editorial E-Newsletter

Advertisement & Sponsorship

Measure. Optimize. Succeed.

Want to reach a new audience or large Consumers?

Sponsoring a successful Email newsletter (E-newsletter) can help you deliver your message to your target market and consumers in a highly EFFECTIVE WAY.

E-Newsletter marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available to-date and practiced by among top Corporation’s across the global markets, allows sponsors to reach a wide audience and offering proven results. E-newsletters are particularly useful as a tool for communicating with customers, building engagement, driving traffic, and directing customers to key content or webpage.

And, with millions of readers interested, an E-Newsletter  can be used as a platform for SPONSORSHIP – providing a great marketing opportunity for businesses looking to reach new and large audience.

Sponsorship of E-newsletters can be a powerful way to tap into new customer segments by aligning your brand to relevant topics or propositions. It helps increase exposure in a receptive environment and can subtly PROMOTE YOUR BRAND whilst gaining goodwill through association.

The benefits of Newsletter sponsorship

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