Why LiveChat, SupportTicket or Email?

  • Record Keeping – Every Communication record needs to be there for future refer and 1st three features help us to do the job perfectly saving Time, Energy, Resources and Money to our Subscribers.
  • Follow-Up – follow-up is easily done and any issues resolved immediately if Record is @Handy.
  • Best Service and Effective – Best Mode of Service and various Services is provided via this methods…Always.
  • Management – Chances of Mis-Management is ZERO, keeping @Support team at their best! Always, and help us to keep an eye on Service Standard provided by our Support Team.
  • Most Calling Communication has it’s FLAWS with records, Service standard is not upto required standard, chances of Miss-communication and Miss-information is very high. Our experience is; Calling Communication model doesn’t provide high level of customer service and don’t fit-in our priority, and this service is offered to Premium Paid Subscribers only.       
  • Use Live-Chat – LiveChat Option for Best response and quick resolution of any issues or support, our support teams are always online during working-hours – 9 am to 6 pm.
  • FB Messenger – You will get quick and definite response. 
  • Raise Ticket – We will respond within 2-24 hours or earlier on working days.

How Can We Help You?

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