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Please read these terms and conditions before placing ad or ads materials @I-Platform.

IPM, I-Platform,  www.indiapropertymarkets.com means New Horizon Realty Tech Ventures.

Users of the IPM/I-PLATFORM i.e. www.indiapropertymarkets.com services (including all properties or Platform owned and operated by IPM, related data and/or related services) (collectively, the “Services”) acknowledge and agree to comply with the following Standard Listings Quality Policy (the “Policy”). IPM reserves the right to remove any content that violates any of IPM’s terms of use or policies, or is otherwise inappropriate. In the event that IPM discovers a violation of any of IPM’s terms of use or policies, IPM may remove all or certain portions of your listings from the Platform, terminate your IPM account(s) and/or restrict your access to the Platform.

1. Advertising and Claiming Listings.

a. Advertising Listings – Except as provided in this section 1(a), listings (regardless of the type) may only be advertised by the real estate Agent or Agency (the “Agent”) who is the contracted, exclusive listing Agent or Agency for such listing. A listing may also be advertised by the exclusive listing Agent’s Agency or team lead. A broker owner or Agency that advertises a listing on behalf of the listing Agent must update their profile on the Services so it represents the team or company instead of an individual Agent.

b. Claiming Listings – If you mistakenly claim a listing, you must promptly release such claim on the listing. If you mistakenly claim a listing that is provided to IPM online channel by landlord or another agent, you must promptly contact the source of the feed to cancel the listing. If you claim a listing that has already been claimed by another party, the original party will be notified. Please notify the IPM Listing Support Team at [email protected] if you believe that someone has erroneously claimed a listing on IPM platform. You can also use the LiveChat or RaiseTicket or call Customer care to request further investigation.

c. IPM Listings – IPM has an exclusive listing agreements with many Developers and Landlords, an Agent or Agency will not be allowed or permitted to list those projects without the written consent of IPM or the Builder/Developer/Landlords.

d. Substitute Listings – If you have listing subscription for Project A for 12 months under assigned plan, and the project is sold-out/Leased-out in 6 months, you can list Project B under the same subscription plan at the same terms without any extra payment for remaining period.

e. New Construction, 2nd Home, Commercial & Retail Asset – IPM offers a product search list for new construction, 2nd Home construction, Commercial, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, Institutional Asset and other new developments and strongly prefers that the corresponding full data be provided to IPM directly by the builder, landlord or Agent/Agencies.

f. Undisclosed Addresses OR Private Lister.A complete address is required for IPM (as per standard format specification) to investigate listings and maintain listing quality. Each listing posted directly via the IPM Platform/website must include a complete address and other full/data details. If you do not want to disclose the address or want to list your property as an Anonymous or Private Lister, you must use our Premium Anonymous Service that allows you to opt out of displaying the address or name online and subscribe as a PRIVATE LISTER, however, it is a paid listing and FREE service is not allowed in this category. If IPM is unable to verify a listing with  incomplete address, IPM may remove the listing at any time, without further notice or warning, your name & identity will be kept confidential and offered only if required by law or govt. departments.

g. For Sale by Owner and For Rent by Owner – Only the property owner may advertise in this Category and others are not allowed to list acting as an owner. As per IPM policy you will be required to provide a proof of title or other documentation in the form of Electricity bill, telephone bill, property title-deed copy, Aadhar card, driving license, etc. to verify you are the actual owner of the property. If IPM is unable to verify that you are the property owner, IPM may remove the listing(s) and/or your claim on the listing(s) or in worst case scenario’s block you completely.

h. Prohibited Listings – You may not use the Services to advertise timeshares, REIT Asset or anything which is against IPM listing policy or not allowed by Law.

i. Listings Category;

  1. Retail – High Street & Shopping Mall (all category).
  2. Commercial;

a. Office

b. Restaurant/QSR/Bar & Lounge/Salon

c. ATM

d. Bank Branch

3. Residential – Apartments, Villas, Kothis, Farm Houses

4. Healthcare – Hospital, Nursing home, Clinics.

5. Hospitality – Hotel, Resorts & Service Apartments, Guest house, PG


7. Industrial & Warehouses

8. Institutional – School & Colleges

9. Land – Plots & bare lands, others

10. Developer/Builders Projects & Services

11. Townships – Residential & Mixed developments

12. Rent Generating Properties/Assets (Rented assets).

13. Associate Products & Service – Home & Office

14. Others

2. Limitations on Self-Promotion, Marketing and Advertisement materials

a. IPM restricts the inclusion of self-promoting information on listings or 3rd party advertisement on our platform. This includes, but is not limited to, self-promotion on photos and/or listing descriptions like adding emails, contact or social media informations in any form. All contact informations will be submitted only under assigned headers & column.

b. Photos – You may not include marketing information, including, without limitation, a 3rd party Agent’s name, company name, logo, phone number and/or email address on listing photos, whether as text, a watermark, or otherwise.

c. Listing Descriptions.You may not include marketing information, including, without limitation, an Agent’s or Agency’s name, phone number and/or email address, social media link, except within a listing description when or where it is not allowed for example in Basic Plans or other FREE plans.

3. Claiming Past Sales & Performance history;

  • Only the reputed & Established Agents or Agencies are permitted to claim such listing as a past sales or performance history in their profile on the Services and this feature is allowed to only paid subscribers.
  • Only one Agent or Agency can claim a particular side of a transaction. If a listing was co-listed, only one Agent or Agency will be eligible to claim the past sale in their profile on the Services.
  • If the Agent is part of a team at the time of a transaction, the individual Agent is permitted to claim the corresponding listing as a past sale in their profile on the Services, unless an agreement between the Agent and their team or Agency indicates otherwise.

4. Listing Feeds.

  • Complete Data & Details – Listing feeds that do not include a complete details of the property and other required data that includes, without limitation, photos, listing description and home facts, google maps, floor plans, other USP features, will not be accepted (READ MORE–LISTING DETAILS GUIDELINES).
  • Regular Updates – Listing feeds must be updated at least one time per day to ensure that IPM platform users have access to the most up to date and accurate information. We take Incomplete and inaccurate informations very seriously, you might end-up getting black-listed or your listings removed completely if we found that you are doing so very often or intentionally.
  • Property Category listing – The Seller / advertiser should select and list the Property under the appropriate property type that best describes it, so that potential customers can choose properties that match their choice every time and your property is visible at the right category.
  • The Correct price – The subscriber/advertiser must mention accurate pricing for the property that is advertised either sale or rental. Accurate pricing helps the buyer to identify if the advertised property is falling within his/her expected budget range or not.
  • Along with asking price, mention any additional charges or expenses if applicable like registration charges, stamp duty, etc.

  • Rental or Appreciation claims – Posting false or tall claims on property price appreciation and rental benefits to woo customers is not an acceptable practice. Subscriber/Advertisers are advised to make only realistic claims / statements about properties they list, violation to do so may invite disciplinary action from IPM.
  • Accurate Representation of property area & size – The subscriber/ advertiser must verify and state the exact size and dimensions of the property. The size of the Property or Land Plot are critical elements for potential buyers and should be stated in clear terms.
  • Property Images – The subscriber/ advertiser should post only the real images of the actual property being sold or rented. Posting actual images helps the end customer to know more details about the property which is very vital in the decision making process. Submit minimum of 10 images of areas like; interiors, exteriors, fittings, swimming pool, lawns, terrace, front road, park, drive-way, market, locality, etc. DO NOT POST GENERIC IMAGES DOWNLOADED FROM VARIOUS WEBSITES.
  • Property Specification & Amenities – The subscriber/advertiser should mention the complete specifications and amenities of the project as available to the buyer. Mentioning the correct specifications and amenities helps the buyer to understand what the project offers. Mention any USP of the project and details of the Neighborhood. Better the amenities higher the Consumers interest for that property.
  • Property Verification – Most property listed on IPM Platform is verified by our in-house team by physically visiting those sites/localities/cities, however, other property listed by subscribers/advertisers, IPM at its discretion reserves the right to perform validation checks on listings posted on the site either on phone or through physical onsite verification. Verified properties helps gain customer’s confidence. WE have very clear policy … WE DON’T PUBLISH JUNKS in our Platform.

For Further Queries or Clarifications;

Mail us – [email protected]

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