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12 Reputed Property Search Portals – India

When a Property Buyer or Tenant search Online for real estate informations, he/she come across lot of realty websites, which in another terms referred as “PORTALS”. There are hundreds of Real Estate web PORTALS in India, however when a buyer or ...

24 Factors that Affect Property Price Appreciation

Author - Dev BT What is Risk in Real Estate? “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” Knowledge is power in real estate Investment and you have to collect it constantly about your market. Once you find a property you like you ...

12 Costly Mistakes to avoid when Investing in Property!!

Author - Dev BT Nobody wish to see this TERRIBLE signboard outside their DREAM HOME!!! "A wise INVESTMENT STRATEGY can be the key to achieving financial freedom in Real Estate". If you are interested in dipping your toes ...

30 Reasons why you should Invest in Property?

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