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We help Property, Amazing Product & Services

get in front of Millions of People

A serious Advertising, Marketing & Listing Platform for Real Estate Industry, Associate product & Services.

What We Do?

We Help Property, Product or Service GET-IN-FRONT OF THE RIGHT PEOPLE (prospective consumers) and CONNECT DIRECT without any MIDDLE-MAN across Markets.

10+ Million Consumers every month, projected to touch 20+ Million by end 2020.

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India Property Markets?

Expertise comes from Experience

Millions of Prime properties Lay VACANT OR UNSOLD for month or years!! Why? 




Market Size

– Retail Market – $1.1 Trillion by 2020 – IBEF Report 

> Home & Office Market size – $111.11 billion, 11% (est.) of total Retail market size.

– Real estate Market size – $180 billion by 2020 – IBEF Report


The Winning Factor

– WE Help LEASE or SELL your property faster.

– Our Extensive Marketing Strategy is 100% INDUSTRY FOCUSED & RESULT DRIVEN, developed, executed by experienced Tech, Sales & Marketing experts from Real Estate & Retail Industry.

– BIG Brokerage Cost Saving (everyone want to save Brokerage charges) – Potential to SAVE upto 50 to 60% Brokerage charges.

Our Visitors & Readers Profile

– 67% Retailers – Every category

– 31% Corporate Head Honchos across Industries – Public & Private sector.

– 9.5% Policy & Decision Makers – Across Govt., Public, Private Enterprises.

– 17% Business Founders/Owners /Partners.

– 67% readers own House.

– 41% Readers Decision Makers hold Senior to TOP level position in Public & Private enterprises.

– 61% – FAMILIES – one of largest proportion of our readers are Families.

WE help you CONNECT right Customers

Potential Reach

10+ Million Consumers Every month

Domestic & Global 

2 Methods applied by most Indian 

Developers & Landlords to market their Project;

1st - Build Amazing Project & Wait for Consumers for 5-6 years

(Big LOSS of Revenue)

2nd - Build Amazing Project & Avail Services of DOMAIN EXPERTS

(A WISEST move by any Professional Entity, this is the method applied by most Professional and Global Entities & have an EDGE over others)

Decide which method is 

suitable for your Project Marketing

Project Marketing

Successful project execution demands 


Why Marketing Strategy Fails?

Selling Property or Product demands AGGRESSIVE MARKETING

Few of the Top Reasons

And Misconceptions

Depending on Free Advertising

Over dependent & focussing MORE on FREE Social Media marketing channels or populating among Broker/Agent community; Brokers/Agents do selective marketing & 99% consumers don't use SOCIAL MEDIA for SERIOUS BUYING & Property is a Serious Buying or Leasing Decision. Note: Nothing comes for FREE, free marketing efforts don't produce any substantial ROI.

I have website & visible everywhere

Wrong Perception.. There are Billions of website across the Internet and yours is one of them, without marketing effort, your website is lost in the crowd.

One Strategy - for sale & lease

Applying similar MARKETING STRATEGY for Sale & Lease of Property or Project. LEASING of a property needs different strategy than Selling a property.

NO Domain Experts Help

Not taking Services of DOMAIN EXPERTS. Professionals knows how to Turn-around things and the key bottlenecks for Successful Project/Property marketing. They knows the market better than any new kid on the block.

Lack of Market Info & DATA

Except BIG developers, most developers & Landlords don't have MARKET INTELLIGENCE STRATEGY and are not aware of Consumer Geography, What Sells & what Don't. Apart from it, they don't have REAL CONSUMER DATA (which requires 1000s of man-hours).

Best Location don't need marketing

Wrong Perception. Even @Apple needs AGGRESSIVE MARKETING campaign across geography's & spends $Billion annually as marketing budget.

Property Consumers!!

90% of Landlords & Developers are not aware Who's searching for what category of property!!

“They are just Beating the BUSH without any result”

This is where DOMAIN EXPERTISE of a Professional  comes @Handy


A Powerful Marketing Solution

For Retail & Commercial LEASING !

WE can help you with Strategic Guidance

Vacant Property means...


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